Term -I, Practical / Internal Assessment / Written Exams (IX & XI) / Pre Board Exams ( X & XII) are starting from 29/10/2021. 


We are a family of Creative Learning where creativity is as essential in education as literacy.
Best CBSE School In Bhopal Delivering Quality Education

Primary education is the most important element of the education, where child learn the basic manners, culture & discipline which assist them through their life to attain their goals.

Best School in Bhopal - Some Must Have Qualities

Giving your children access to quality education helps them prepare for their future. Finding a good school which offers key qualities is essential as it allows students to enhance their skills and expertise...

Providing Best Education to Shaping Bright Future of Kids

Deciding about the needs of your child and what matters most are very crucial steps in choosing a school that completely fits in the requirement of your child. Children vary in so many ways.


Blossom Your Child with Best CBSE School in Bhopal

SBBPS Bhopal is the place for excellent quality of education where we indue children and enrich them by rendering opportunities to blossom out their congenital potential and to bloom them into the responsible and dutiful citizen, who can chip in social requirements ...

Importance of Co-Curricular Activities in Higher Secondary Schools Bhopal

The need of co-curricular activities in school and colleges has always been a strong debate topic. Some parents believe that they send their child to grasp the learning and not to waste time in such activities because they want their child to be a doctor or engineer.

Why your Kids Must Take Admission in the Best School of Bhopal

The school is the place where everyday, your child spends most of his time learning, exploring and developing himself/herself as an Individual. While sending their children to school, parents think that their child is safe and secure for the period of time he is in the school.


CBSE School in Bhopal that will Amaze you !

The ancient Indian education was based on Gurukula system where the student gets the education by staying at Guru's (teacher) place. But today the education system has changed a lot. The system is divided into sections of primary (up to class 8th) and secondary education (up to class 12th).