Welcome to Toddler's House

Enrolling a child to a play school is the first big step for the parents as well as the child for, it is going to make an impact on the foundation of the child's academic learning. Thus, decision of selecting the right place has to be done judiciously. SBBPS is trusted as the best Play School in Bhopal. Children at the tender age of 5 to 10 need to be handled with love and understanding. The staff here is trained to handle the children with utmost care.

"TODDLER'S HOUSE" is the final destination for tiny tots of Bhopal. We claim to be the best because we conduct training programmes for the staff and parents to motivate the child's learning capabilities. We are also known as we follow the various approaches for the child's overall development such as:

  • Developing communication skills
  • Teaching by exploration
  • Encouraging positive peer interaction
  • Fun learning
  • Promoting cognitive development
  • Theme-based classrooms
  • Learning through fun activities

Tread Cautiously

If we talk of a good parent today, it is rather a mix of many types of parenting. Every generation and era has had its own style of parenting. Our children do not require the kind of parents we all had and our forefathers did not require the kind of parents we are. The job of parenting is evolving as any other industry so what kind of parent are you or what kind of parenting style to follow.


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