Time Table

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Term - 1 Exam Time Table

Date/Day Classes
  NUR Jr. KG Sr. KG
10.09.18 Mon EVS (O) EVS (W + O) EVS (W + O)
12.09.18 Wed Maths (W + O) Maths (W + O) Maths (W + O)
18.09.18 Tue Eng (O + S) Eng (O + S) Eng (O + S +D)
21.09.18 Fri V. Edu. (O) Hindi (W) Hindi (W)
24.09.18 Mon Eng (W) Eng (W) Eng (W)
26.09.18 Wed Drawing Hindi (Oral) + Drawing Hindi (Oral) + Drawing
28.09.18 Fri G. K. (Oral) G. K. + V.Edu. (Oral) G. K. + V.Edu. (Oral)

NOTE:- 1. School timing during exam will be 10:00am to 1:30pm
2. PTM is on Saturday, 6th Oct, 2018, Timing: 8:30am to 11:30am